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Enjoy this puzzle game. You are put in a labyrinth to find a portal that launches you to other labyrinths. Containing 12 Levels you will have fun playing this game.

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P.S. If you want to support me donate a little bit of money (I have a family to support!). Even a dollar would make me happy!

Change Log:

Alpha 1.1

- Launched Game

Alpha 1.5

- Added a "Ding" sound when level is complete

- Music added in start menu

- Fixed Win Portal in Level 2 being too high

- Fixed Win Portal in Level 4 not Completing the level

Alpha 2.0

- Added Medium Difficulty along with 3 Maps

- Changed resolution to 800x600 for increased performance

- Button for Medium Difficulty enabled

Alpha 3.0

- Added 2 more medium levels

- Start Menu re-made

- Alpha testing! changed to Final Alpha!

- Alpha phase finished, entering Beta phase

Beta 1.0

- New Difficulty "Hard"

- Added a bonus level "Pacman"

- Changed version from alpha to beta

Beta 2.0

- 1 More Hard Level

- Added ding song that was forgotten